I started my career as an interpreter in 2015, working with various organisations and individuals requiring different services suitable to their particular needs or challenges. I have been involved in different interpreting assignments, always displaying professionalism, a high level of language proficiency and cultural sensitivity. I have worked with people of all ages, from young children needing support in school to senior citizens accessing specialised health care support. This experience helped me master interpersonal skills and maintain high integrity and ethical standards. Within a short while, I have gained the trust and confidence of most prestigious organisations from public, legal, medical, non-governmental, and educational sectors in Nottinghamshire. I have built excellent relationships with professionals, leading to repeat or long–term professional engagement. I have provided interpreting services to the following organisations:

Public Sector and GovernmentalNon Governmental OrganisationsLegalMedicalEducationProfessionals

Public Sector and Governmental

 sebastiansek.com image: Public Sector Interpreting

Non Governmental Organisations

Non-Governmental Organisations


Legal Interpreting


Medical Interpreting


Primary Schools


Secondary Schools

Special and Alternative Schools


I have been providing language services to a wide range of individuals including: social workers, housing advisors, teachers, psychotherapists, medical doctors and consultants, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, head teachers, legal intervention officers, solicitors, police officers, welfare advisors, case workers, independent review officers, learning mentors, family support workers, CAMHS practitioners, mental health nurses, speech and language therapists, head of schools, health care assistants, children centre workers, occupational therapists, substance and alcohol misuse workers, independent advocates, community psychiatrists nurses, trading standards enforcement officers, and probation officers.